About Us

Acsend Concrete is a privately owned indigenous Zimbabwean company that opened its doors in 2003.

What Makes Acsend A Market Leader

Our products make us proud as they differentiate us from our competitors through quality, unmatched  service and our competitive prices on the market. Through our research and development policy we embrace the use of modern technology within our production process.

  • We invest much in customer satisfaction and providing a total package under one roof.
  • We provide Construction equipment, Civil & Structural works under one roof
  • We make use of the latest technologies in all our production process
  • We are innovative in the application of infrastructural technologies & solutions
  • We offer flexible business conditions which are unsurpassed any other
  • We remain market leaders in providing plant hiring, cement products
  • We use our wealth of experience amongst our technical & support staff


Acsend Concrete is a privately owned indigenous Zimbabwean company that opened its doors in 2003. Acsend Concrete specialises in the manufacturing and distribution of concrete products. What began as a vision over a decade ago has grown to become one of Zimbabwe's largest and most reputable precast concrete manufacturers and distributors synonymous with high quality innovative concrete products. Acsend Concrete has also become a service provider of choice in terms of all your Civil and structural works as well as construction equipment provider.

Vision, Mission & Core Values

To be the ultimate choice for all concrete products requirements and equipment hiring solutions in Southern Africa and beyond.

Mission Statement
We drive value for our customers by providing quality products and all associated services, innovation being the key with a pre and post purchase viable support system to the Zimbabwean end user.

Core Values
  • Professionalism
  • Transparency
  • Reliability
  • Integrity
  • Responsiveness and innovation
  • Employee participation and advancemen

Safety, Health and Quality Management

Our practices on safety, health and environment (SHE) policy are centred on a zero –harm philosophy towards people, host communities and the environment. Although we operate in different countries with deferent governance standards, we consistently enforce a standard approach to SHE and does not compromise our standards of conduct when operating in other countries. We are committed to the delivery of quality workmanship and therefore embarked on the implementation of Quality Management System on all our contracts using ISO 9001:2000. ISO 9001:2000 is a world-wide recognised Quality Management System, ensuring that top quality workmanship is delivered on a constant basis. All our contracts are now managed using the Quality Management System in Zimbabwe (SAZ).

Safety programmes is a non-negotiable minimum standards for all operational business and driven at all levels throughout the company.